Walmart, here


                               Walmart, here  



        When we are mentioning the big retailer Walmart, of course many people know it. But to many Chinese, I don’t think they have many experiences in this big supermarket although we have known it for a long time. Walmart is not as successful as Carrefour in China, maybe due to the specialties of Chinese market, or its immature strategies, etc. As a result, even it is the No.1 retailer in the whole world, it is behind Carrefour and some other Chinese supermarkets in China.


       In contrast, when we see the market in North America or some other western countries, we are so sure that it is truly a miracle. We don’t even mention its chain stores, we don’t even mention its online shopping market, we just see this big news recently—–it will start selling iphone 3G tomorrow. 


      Maybe it is a big surprise to many people, coz we know that Walmart mainly focuses on the normal commodities and sell them at lower prices. And now, it will sell iphone 3G in its chain stores. Although some news let the cat out of the bag a little early, as CNET News’ Marguerite Reardon noted several weeks ago. It is still a surprise to me it grants this strategy.


      As all of us know that iphone 3G are just available in Apple stores and AT&T stores and Best Buy, and now, Walmart, another store whose position is not same as these two stores, will also bring customers this groundbreaking mobile technology in its entertainment department. What is more, maybe iphone 3G in this shop will be sold at lower prices. I feel that such a big news will excite many customers so that they will go to see and try.


      To me, I even don’t know whether the strategy such as this will win in a long run. Maybe it will attract many people’s eyes at this moment, but will it veer the plan and the position of Walmart at the beginning? Or does this show that Walmart want to do deeper segmentation in future? Will this be successful?


      I read a paper which means that Walmart may want to do so as our society changes. About in last century, we divided the people in our society into mainly two groups, which are higher class, and middle and lower class. According to this, we positioned our products into these similar two categories. However, till now, our society has changed a lot. We noticed that there are another group here nowadays, which is just between the old two groups.


     For these people, they can not really consume as the higher class can, but at the same time, they can not satisfy if they just consume as the middle and the lower class do. To this kind of people, companies need to make another segmentation to satisfy their needs and earn large profit. That why we have already seen that there are another shops in Walmart. It wants to tell customers Walmart can offer many different things to different customers but not just normal low price commodities. Maybe, ipone 3G getting into this big retailer is another sign of this.


     Maybe one day, Walmart can offer things every one wants, at that time, we just say “Walmart, here”. 

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  1. says:

    u r a cai nv!

  2. Katherine says:

    english+mandarin pinyin… god, xiaomei

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