dont require everyone to treat you very well



Don’t require everyone to treat you very well  




                As a marketing student, maybe we place so much importance on “attitude”. Normally, we think treating customers very well is the most important thing coz customers are god, they are the source of profit and money. We require us to do so, but many times, we are treated ourselves as customers too. As a result, whenever possible, we really want others to treat us very well and require them to do so. We talk about their product, their service and their attitudes.

    To be honest, most people who are in my generation have very strong self-esteems, including me. This also would be perfectly possible making us require other people to treat us very well. However, in reality, we can not get that kind of treatment, so I think we need to have a right attitude towards these unhappy things and people who r not nice.

                 I am busy doing my application jobs these days so I need to go to our registration office, teachers’ office and post office very often. Most of things need to be done in our registration office—B102but not all the staff there are nice to us. For the application, different university has different requirements for transcripts, certificate, envelope and some other things, etc. You can get different explanations or answers from different people there although you ask the same question. And their faces are also different. Some r nice but some r very cold. Of course we r angry about them, we complain them and then we are very depressed. But the situation remains the same. This also reminds me of the tuition fee at the beginning of this semester which made me almost cry by seeing the face and cold attitude of the accountant. But at last, I met a nice accountant who is in the office on 5th floor and helped me deal with this, and I got a happy ending at last. At that time, I just felt that I was so lucky to meet this person, and she gave me the chance to make up my mistake.

                 I was preparing my PS recent days. This is the first time that I am writing PS. I don’t how to write logically, how to write to the point, and how to use words properly. I emailed to some persons who I think are better at this kind of things and hoped that they can help me. Some persons revised some for me, some revised a little, some just replied to me that I have many mistakes and need to write again, and some did not give feedback to me. I was so depressed at that time and unhappy. I knew that I needed to lighten my mood and find means to solve these problems. However to be honest, I felt helpless at that time.

                But really, we need to believe ourselves even in very bad and helpless situations. If we insist, we can get surprise. I got suggestions from a friend that I can give to the native speaker to see, which reminded me to give to my student’s mother. She was so nice that helped me write my PS. After I gave her the drafts, she printed out and revised them word by word, line by line. Sometimes she was busy or tired, but she kept on doing so. I wanted to cry again at that time. I was so moved then. Ultimately, after about revisions of 4 or 5 times, I have got the final version.

              Folks, we r really special in this world, but no one need to treat you vey well.  You r just the boy or girl to your parents, to the people who love you, to the people who are nice, but not everyone, not the majority.  Set the right attitude, expect difficulties before you doing everything. Try your best to conduct every task at your disposal.

             Go forth despite fear and anger, and fake it until you make it. Let grab onto calm.

            Moreover, the most important things are that remembering and cherishing the people who love you and treat you very well, especially who treat yours as their own things.           


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    haha…i will share this luck with u

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